Berlin´s 1st Swing-Fusion Orchestra


stands for glamorous swing-fusion show entertainment in 1920s-1940s vintage-look. Experience swing in the brand new style of swing-fusion! Where modern electronics are being complemented by a diversity of other musical genres such as: boogie, cha cha cha, funk, soul, rnb, bossa-nova and pop adding up to an exciting new sound-experience!


Ms Singer (vocals), Benjamin Pontius (musical director, arrangements & piano), Matthäus Jähnel (guitar), Achim Rothe (trumpet), Milo Lombardi (tenor-sax) & ▲◼ PYRAMIDCUBE (DJ, Electronica, MPC Drumming)


Repertoire and hosting are presented both in the German and English language, on demand it can exclusively be presented in either language for you. In addition guest-stars can be included in the shows such as dancers of swing, tap and burlesque. As pre- and after-show entertainment live electronic musician “Ioka” optionally offers animating electro-swing DJing.




galas, (ballroom-) dances, reception-, club-events, festivals,

weddings, anniversaries & parties



Copyright Photos: Haik Büchsenschuss & Michael Clemens



By wrapping popular swing classics, modern swing hits as well as beloved movie and pop songs in racy swing-fusion arrangements, the youthful swing-fusion orchestra “ Ms Singer’s Swingers ” updates the golden era of swing and brings it right back to the dance–floor.

Enjoy classy shows in nostalgic vintage-look oozing with charm and sex-appeal. Featuring the vivacious German-American entertainer and lucent lead singer “ Ms Singer ”.


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